What Do Your Customers Want from CBD?

CBD is enjoying exponential growth in terms of popularity in the UK. A report from The Independent suggests that the number of CBD users in the UK doubled in 2017 alone from 125,000 users to 250,000.

The appetite for CBD is there among your customers – but what exactly are they looking for? If you can answer this question, you will be able to market your products in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what your customers want from CBD.

  1. Efficacy

According to their research on the relationship between price versus quality, CBD customers hold efficacy as their key desire.

This makes total sense: customers are motivated to pursue CBD to help them with a range of ailments, so they will want a product that works. This is why it is so essential that you sell quality products that help your customers to get the desired effect.

You also need to be able to communicate the value of your product effectively. Calling upon genuine social proof and customer reviews can help you to demonstrate its efficacy.

It is also important that you communicate the benefits of your product in a realistic way to manage expectations. If you make unrealistic claims about your product, you will find that your business will never benefit from repeat custom.

  1. Concentration

The report also found that customers believe the ratio between CBD and THC important when deciding which CBD product to purchase. It’s little wonder, given that discerning customers turn to CBD for its lack of psychoactive effects.

Those customers will want to ensure they are purchasing pure CBD products that have the highest concentration of CBD possible with a minimal presence of THC. This piece on CBD from The Guardian claims that “the first thing to know about CBD is that it is not psychoactive.”

The lack of psychoactive effect is one of the main reasons that customers turn to CBD. To succeed, you need to ensure that your products are of the highest possible quality and that you articulate that quality in your marketing and product descriptions.

  1. Quality

According to the research, CBD-dominant users value the quality next. This refers to the growth and extraction methods that were employed.

CBD is a premium wellness product. At the moment, it is enjoyed predominantly by health-conscious customers who have a strong desire to understand the background and personality of the products that they consume.

If you offer CBD products, you need the ability to answer critical questions about the CBD that you use and again, articulate its quality. Discerning customers can differentiate between the quality of products, so your claims must be accurate.

  1. Price

The research demonstrates that the penultimate priority of CBD-dominant users is the price. The fact that this is the fourth priority supports the point made earlier: currently, CBD is enjoyed predominantly by health-conscious customers who are willing to make the necessary investments to get a quality product.

This finding is encouraging, because it means that the effort of sourcing and creating a quality product pays off. The legal status of CBD means that a black market does not exist to drive down prices, so you can relish the opportunity to focus on creating quality products.

From a marketing and communication perspective, this means that you should not be too eager to boast about low pricing. This can make discerning customers suspicious about the quality of your product, given that there is an understanding quality comes at a cost.

  1. Form

Finally, CBD customers prioritise the form of the product they use. This demonstrates that your customers are – in general – willing to use any CBD product if it will deliver on a blend of the above priorities.

As the popularity of CBD continues to expand beyond the mainstream, though, we can expect for the form to become increasingly important. A more diverse range of customers will mean that the needs and lifestyles also become diverse. While some customers might prefer CBD Oil, some others may prefer CBD Creams.

It is important that your CBD product fits with the priorities of your customers, but above all else it should deliver on all of the above points to really hit home and guarantee success.

Communicating the Benefits of Your Products

Now that you know what your customers are looking for, why not explore how you can begin effectively communicating the benefits of your CBD products?

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