Water Soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD is becoming an increasingly popular product due to its adaptability and effectiveness is beverages and sports-based powders.

Our odourless and tasteless water soluble CBD can come in liquid or powdered form, depended on your needs. With a variety of strengths available, get in touch with us to learn more and understand how our bespoke and formulation is becoming our most popular and sort after product.  

Water soluble

Benefit One 

A versatile and effective ingredient. Our Water-Soluble CBD is the perfect choice for beverages and sports powders and other supplements within the sports industry. Protein Powders, sports energy drinks and coffee products are just a few examples of where our Water-Soluble CBD is frequently used.

Benefit Two 

Our water-soluble CBD can come in either liquid or powdered form dependant on your preferences and type of end product you are looking to use it with. In strengths of 10% or 20% CBD, you have greater say over how much CBD you would like within your end products. 

Benefit Three 

Increased bioavailability; Our water-soluble CBD is more effective and fast acting than oil-based CBD products. This is because it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier more efficiently with minimal waste occurring whilst being digested within the body. Less is considered more with this key ingredient 

Why it’s Unique 

Our new Water-Soluble CBD-A Powder is certified Organic, Kosher and produced in a GMP certified manufacturing facility, further demonstrating our commitment to quality cannabinoids, always. 

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