Quality Assured CBD Oils available in a broad range or strengths, flavours, herbal & terpene infusions.

Adhering to the most stringent quality control measures applicable to the food and beverages industry, you can feel rest assured that each and every batch of our oils meets the highest standards of quality and safety available on the market. 

CBD Oils

Benefit One 

All of our oils on offer are compiled under a robust Novel Foods dossier, with stability and batch testing already carried out. Have peace of mind knowing you are working with a compliant and quality assured laboratory which places safety and compliance at the heart of manufacturing practices.  

Benefit Two 

Competitive lead times. Once you have signed off on your chosen tincture line, we will begin formulating and manufacturing your order immediately, working within a 2-3-week turnaround time. Each batch of oils you receive will also come with a ISO accredited, 3rd Party Lab report, to corroborate the CBD profile you have requested from us. 

Benefit Three 

We have curated a comprehensive, industry leading selection of oils for you to choose from. We can provide batch tested CBD Isolate or Broad-Spectrum Distillate in strengths ranging from 2.5% to 40%. 

We have the innovative ability to formulate terpene, flavoured vitamin and herbal infused oils to make a bespoke tincture of your choosing. Contact us to find out more about our industry leading terpene, herbal and vitamin infusions. 

Why it’s Unique 

Leaf Sciences is proud to offer a portfolio of CBD infused oils curated by industry leading formulation specialists with 10+ years experience within the cannabis sector. Each SKU has been carefully considered and undergone rigorous R&D to ensure the products cannabinoid profile, complimentary ingredients and taste is second to none. Samples available upon request.

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