Leaf Sciences only works with premium, multi vitamin gummy developers to create industry leading formulations.

CBD-infused gummies and sweets manufactured in the UK available as vegan options and a comprehensive range of CBD strengths.

CBD Gummies

Benefit One 

All of our gummies are manufactured here in the UK in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensuring a rigorous quality control procedure is adhered to. Each production batch is accompanied with an ISO 17025 certified cannabinoid analysis lab report.   

Benefit Two 

All of our edibles that we offer as part of our White Label Programme will be submitted under a robust Novel Foods Dossier to ensure our products will stay on the market post 31st March 2021. If you are wanting to expand your product line whilst working with a safe and compliant partner, get in contact with the Leaf Sciences team to find out more. 

Benefit Three 

Our product specialists have worked diligently to ensure our gummies and sweets our pleasant to the taste and true to the fruity flavour they have been ascribed. As a result, our flavoured gummies are recognised by their natural flavour profile without an overbearing artificial sweetness. 

Why it’s Unique 

Leaf Sciences boasts a wide and varying range of CBD-infused sweets and gummy options for clients. Either as Vegan friendly, CBD Isolate or Distillate infused and available in small packages or large containers. All edibles submitted within a robust Novel Foods Dossier.

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