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Leaf Sciences is a global CBD supplier distributing internationally-accredited, pharmaceutical-grade, wholesale phytocannabinoid products to leaders in the global cannabidiol industry.

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Mahesh Jayanarayan

Corporate Advisor

Mahesh has a diverse background and a wide range of experience in finance and technology and that gives him a total understanding of the corporate world and capital markets. He worked for two Wall Street firms for 12 years during the 80s and early 90s. He has been involved in several private equity ventures. He has also served on the board of two public listed companies in the UK and USA. Some of his pioneering work includes the first bedside entertainment system for hospitals in the UK, the first red laser HD player rivalling Sony and Toshiba and the first Islamic Finance share trading platform. He currently holds a number of Board Advisory positions. His current ventures include Cannyx Corporation ltd, a total blockchain driven digital global trading platform for CBD.  He serves as a  Corporate Advisor to Leaf Sciences Group ltd.

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