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Leaf Sciences is a global CBD supplier distributing internationally-accredited, pharmaceutical-grade, wholesale phytocannabinoid products to leaders in the global cannabidiol industry.

Hassan Akhtar
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Hassan Akhtar

Founder and CEO

Hassan Akhtar is the Founder and CEO of Leaf Sciences Group Ltd, the company has an in depth understanding of the CBD business.  CBD Capital Ltd a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group and has been a pioneer in the supply of high-grade CBD raw material.  It also supports the marketplace with White Label products to some of the largest manufacturers of CBD food, nutraceuticals and cosmetic products, focusing on quality of raw product and sustainability.  Naturalis London is another subsidiary of the group and centres around end-user-based cosmetics and wellbeing products, focusing on the latest trends and enabling CBD consumption to be pleasant and easily accessible. Under Hassan’s leadership, the company continues to grow from strength to strength, and he plans on entering the Medicinal Cannabis segment in 2021 as his passion lies in finding alternative methods of treatment in the areas of mental health, age-related illnesses and diabetes.  Hassan is keen on developing natural alternative medicine, and is looking at research into the use of mushrooms and the effects it has with cannabinoids as his next project. 

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