How to Use Celebrity CBD Endorsements to Sell Your CBD Products

Celebrity endorsements are a mainstay of modern marketing, and now they’re making an impact within the CBD industry too. As more people open their eyes to the benefits of CBD, they’re spreading the word – and this goes for the rich and famous too.

With the UK CBD market projected to be worth £1bn each year from 2025 onwards, we’re taking a look at how celebrity endorsements could help you sell your CBD products.

Why Grand Celebrity CBD Endorsements Matter Even To Smaller CBD Businesses

Celebrity endorsements are very effective and they absolutely have the potential to influence sales.

There are a few reasons that celebrity endorsements are so effective. Here’s a closer look at five key reasons:

  • Celebrities and their star power act as a natural pull for consumers. People pay attention when they see a familiar face and listen to what that person is saying.
  • Celebrities act as taste makers. For better or worse, people often want to emulate the style and behaviour of iconic celebrities.
  • Celebrities are often admired by a range of different groups.
  • When a celebrity lends their weight to a product or cause, its perceived legitimacy immediately increases.
  • We see countless adverts every day – the ones that we remember are often the ones featuring a recognisable face.

In the world of CBD, celebrities are currently backing cannabidiol as opposed to particular brands. This is because the CBD industry is in its infancy and those celebrities want to push CBD in general so that their own products and initiatives gain ground.

Nike spends an incredible $475 million each year on celebrity endorsements, and they are clearly very effective. Naturally, companies in smaller, emerging industries are likely to follow suit; we expect to see more and more celebrity endorsements of CBD in the coming years.

These endorsements are great news for your CBD business. Each time that a celebrity goes on record to endorse CBD, your own stock increases, along with consumer demand.

You should be sure to capitalise on these endorsements and communicate them to your customers.

The Most Significant Celebrity CBD Endorsements

Before we get into how to make the most of them, let’s take a closer look at some major celebrity CBD endorsements.

Kim Kardashian

When it comes to celebrities, few are quite as influential or impactful as Kim Kardashian. The star has a real love affair with CBD, and she has taken to Instagram on numerous occasions to tell her 150 million followers all about it.

She has said in interviews that CBD “saved her life” and helped her to find reprieve from her demanding schedule. She uses CBD gummies as a natural way to get some sleep, and she also threw a CBD-themed baby shower. Guests were given CBD chocolates, oils, lotions and face masks to unwind and celebrate the arrival of Kim’s child.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an award-winning actress and director, and she recently explained that she swears by CBD-infused beauty products.

The glamorous star explained that CBD helped to solve her aches and pains during a demanding run of Broadway performances. She explained that she wanted to avoid using too many painkillers, so she found a natural solution.

Megan Rapinoe

Megan played a huge role in leading the US Women’s National Team to international triumph earlier this year. The winger has a fantastic personality and she has become an inspiration for many women.

The superstar is a leading face of the equal pay movement and she’s an LGBT icon. She has recently forged close ties with Medi, a company that creates CBD sports recovery products targeted at athletes.

Megan’s endorsement will open up the world of CBD to an entirely new range of customers.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest stars. She has also become a lifestyle icon too and recently explained how she uses CBD to deal with pain, anxiety and stress.

The Friends star is also widely admired for her natural beauty, and many fans will undoubtedly make a connection between CBD and her youthful appearance.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a music icon and he recently launched his very own CBD brand. Willie’s Remedy sells a range of hemp-based wellness products and his name plays a huge role in the acquisition of new customers.

The brand has an artisanal vibe to it, and by all accounts the brand is doing very well. Again, Willie’s endorsement demonstrates how celebrities can use their star power to open up new interest among different groups of customers.

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is an ex-NFL superstar who played for the New England Patriots. The superstar is also famous for his business savvy, and he is now partnering with Abacus, a CBD company.

Rob Gronkowski is one of a few key athletes pushing the reputation of CBD in the sporting world. He is making big strides to help other athletes unlock the potential of CBD.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is one of the biggest stars in the UFC. Fans love him for his authenticity and unparalleled cardio. He is renowned for his ability to keep on going and tire out his opponents.

The UFC star recently launched a nutritional supplement that is based around CBD; it helps athletes relieve the aches and pains associated with the intense training required to succeed in the UFC.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlbeg is an Oscar-nominated actor and former rapper. His career recently took another twist when he invested in AQUAhydrate, a business that sells alkaline water infused with CBD.

The business is entering full swing now, and Mark’s involvement will likely be a significant boost for the company. This shows that lots of celebrities are going beyond mere endorsements and aiming to create their own brands.

How to Use Celebrity CBD Endorsements to Sell Your Products

Those celebrities have their own reasons for making their endorsements, but you can absolutely use them to support the reputation of CBD as a whole.

Here’s a closer look at some ways that you can use celebrity endorsements of CBD in general to sell more products:

Communicate the news

Whenever a celebrity makes a significant endorsement of CBD, you should consider sharing that with your customers. If you have a newsletter or blog, why not write up a quick story?

This could be a way to build a rapport with your customers and encourage them to make their purchase.

Mention relevant examples

If you are selling CBD products, there’s a good chance that you’ll have close contact with a number of customers. If you are trying to educate them about the popularity and safety of CBD, you could mention some relevant celebrity endorsements.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that you sell a CBD face cream that gets amazing results for your customers. A customer comes into your store and asks about the efficacy of your product – you could mention that certain celebrities use similar products to achieve those results.

This is an interesting sales technique and it is genuinely useful for your customer. They will appreciate the information and it might just help them to make a great choice and purchase their CBD products.

The great news is that with so many diverse endorsements out there, it’s easy to find a great example. If you sell a CBD supplement that helps to restore a person post-workout, you could point to Nick Diaz’s regular CBD use. Get creative!

Guide your messaging

The nascent CBD industry is an exciting one. The freshness of the industry means that it can be difficult for you to market your products, though. You might struggle to find your feet and understand who is purchasing your products and why.

If that’s the case, celebrity endorsements can give you lots of interesting inspiration to guide your marketing. You could use a particular endorsement to build a buyer persona, for instance.

Let’s imagine that you look at Kim Kardashian’s statements about CBD; you can start to paint a picture of the potential customer who appreciates Kim Kardashian and sympathises with her statement. This can help you to target your marketing materials more effectively.

If you are looking for more marketing advice, read our piece on how to build the reputation of your CBD product. You will find a range of actionable insights that can help you make the best product possible.

Try to secure your own endorsements

It’s very important that you make a clear distinction between general celebrity endorsements of CBD and those that are related to your specific product.

If you believe that your product has what it takes, you may want to pursue your own celebrity endorsements! You should work hard to build the reputation and profile of your products; if you develop a fantastic reputation, the future could be very bright.

You might want to explore the potential of influencer marketing too. The principle is the same – you can leverage star power to connect with new potential audiences.

Use the CBD that celebrities love

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