How to Build the Reputation of Your CBD Product

Within any industry, the products with the best reputation achieve success, and this is just as true for the CBD market. The industry is heating up, with countless businesses are trying to win the loyalty of the 300,000 people across the UK who use CBD products.

Wondering how to build the reputation of your CBD product? Here’s a look at why reputation matters, what your customers are looking for, and how to build the reputation of your product.

Why Reputation Matters for CBD Products

There is a lot of interest and intrigue around the potential of CBD. The stars have aligned and it stands to become a leading wellness product. This is because populations are getting older, life is more stressful today and people are more focused on wellness than they have ever been before.

CBD offers these health-conscious people a natural solution to many of their ailments. It also holds the potential to boost their mental and physical performance. The initial results are positive, and studies show that 72% of Americans would try CBD oil to treat pain.

But which products will this new legion of customers want to try? The most reputable. Here’s a look at why reputation matters above all else when it comes to CBD products.

People want quality for their body

When it comes to the wellness niche, building trust and confidence in a product is no easy task. You can bet that your customers will be very cautious about what they put into their body.

Your customers will want to know where the CBD was sourced from, the extraction process, and all ingredients. If you are able to articulate these important points, word will quickly spread and the reputation of your product will improve.

This is a developing niche

While the industry is still finding its feet, so are its customers. There are many low quality products on the market that offer a sub-par experience. Customers are concerned that they might choose the wrong product, so they only want to put their money on safe bets.

If your product delivers proven results and generates a good reputation among your customers, you can be sure additional customers will gravitate towards you. The opposite is also true: if your product offers a poor experience, you might find that customers are turned off.

Customers are discerning

Customers in the wellness niche are often discerning and demand quality. These people are the members of our society who strive for the absolute best in everything that they do – they will not want to consume a product that has a poor reputation or standing.

We can expect that as the CBD industry continues to mature, a minority of products with strong reputations will collect the majority of revenues.

What Are the Signs of a Reputable Product?

Now we understand why reputation can make or break a CBD brand, let’s take a closer look at what exactly constitutes a good reputation and what your customers will be looking for.

A vision beyond profit

If your customers see your product as a low quality option capitalising on the most recent craze, you may struggle to succeed. Your customers – particularly those within the wellness niche – want to see that your product has a deeper purpose and a wider vision. This is where quality comes from.

Think about Coca-Cola. The product is often aligned with lofty goals and a greater purpose, “to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit”. People may not think about this each time they want a refreshing beverage, but it’s part of the story.

It’s critical that your products stand for something. Let’s imagine that you have created a new CBD cream – why exactly? Your reasoning can’t just be profit. Perhaps your cream exists to help the world eliminate the aches and pains that come with modern living.

The most reputable products are imbued with a higher purpose. This is why you should spend some time thinking about what your customers want from CBD.

Happy customers

As human beings, we are incredibly social creatures. Social proof is very powerful and the majority of people are happy deferring decision making to the majority and following the group. They believe that if something is popular among the majority of people, it has a fantastic reputation.

You want to make sure that your CBD product responds to customer feedback and enjoys a great reputation. In a nascent industry, word of mouth recommendations are incredibly powerful.

You can be sure that your customers are going to look out for testimonials and recommendations to find out whether or not a product is reputable.

Established history

This is a tricky one in a fresh industry, but customers often judge a product’s reputation according to its longevity. If a product has been around for a long time, it’s a good indication that it has been fulfilling its purpose effectively. Think about how many companies incorporate “est” dates on their packaging.

You should make every effort to articulate the longevity of your product. Your customers will understand that products come and go very quickly, but assure them that your product is focused on the long-term (given its powerful purpose beyond profits). 

Clear benefits

Many customers are concerned about the benefits of CBD and how it will interact with their body. There is a lot of misinformation out there (as well as gaps in our common knowledge). It’s important that you aim to remedy this confusion by clearly stating the benefits of your product.

Many companies make the mistake of marketing their products as a one-size-fits-all cure for any ailment. Not only is this suspicious, but it’s also unrealistic and many customers will immediately become suspicious.

Be clear and transparent when it comes to articulating the intentions and effects of your CBD product. This will add a sense of legitimacy to your products and help to calm any fears that your customers have.

Legitimate packaging

Amazing branding and packaging cannot fix a low quality product, but it has the potential to make or break a great product. People call upon their sense of sight to help them make decisions, and branding is an important part of that activity.

If your product looks legitimate, it can help to boost its reputation. This is particularly important in the wellness niche, where your product must tick all of the right boxes to impress your customers. You should make sure that you invest appropriately in branding and packaging.

How To Build the Reputation of Your Product

That’s what your customers are looking for when they want to find a legitimate and trusted product. How can you deliver on those needs to secure CBD success? Here’s a look at how to build the reputation of your CBD product.

Use the best CBD possible

Efficacy is the number one demand from CBD among your customers. It beats other factors like pricing, so you must deliver a product that achieves the desired effects.

The 300,000 people currently using CBD in the UK are pioneers, and you can be sure that they are reporting back to the others. If your product impresses with this initial batch of customers, your product will be set up for success. This is why you must use the best quality CBD product possible.

Create a product that echoes your brand

A product is an extension of your brand. The relationship should be cohesive and logical, given that this helps your customers to understand the goals and intentions behind the product and the people who create it.

Think about Apple. Every product that the company produces is an extension of the company and its philosophy. This elevates the products to a higher level and means that the products themselves and symbols of quality.

When it comes to building consistency between your brand and your products, it’s important that you focus on these areas:

Visual consistency

Of course, you want to make sure that there is a direct link between your product and your brand. If we think of Apple once again, it’s immediately apparent when we are looking at an Apple product. If you can aim to achieve the same with your CBD products, you will cultivate a strong reputation indeed.

Cohesive messaging

As we mentioned earlier, customers will be looking for a CBD product that cares about more than just profits. This is why you will want to make sure your products act as an extension of your company’s goals and messaging.

Microsoft’s mission statement is “to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”. Each product the company creates logically supports this vision, and you should attempt to do the same with your products.

Product design

Does your product make sense given your branding? Your customers will want a cohesive experience and this is indicative of quality and attention-to-detail.

Porsche is renowned for its incredible focus on design. From cars to accessories, the brand’s team of designers work hard to deliver a coherent story to its customers. You should focus on delivering the same to grow your reputation.

Talk to your customers

If you want to build your brand’s reputation, it’s important that you know where you currently stand. You will also need to regularly track your progress and find out how you are perceived by your customers.

The world’s most successful brands maintain their reputation by keeping a finger on the pulse of public opinion. This helps them to make the right moves and adjustments as and when they need to.

It’s essential that you create a dialogue with your customers and understand how your brand is perceived. You should aim to collect customer feedback on your CBD product as frequently as possible.

Be transparent with manufacturing details

As we have touched on already, your customers within the wellness niche demand quality. Most of these customers will care greatly about freshness and manufacturing techniques, so you should be open about these details.

If you use quality CBD, you should proudly explain the products and processes used by your manufacturer. You can rest assured that your customers will appreciate the transparency and draw a lot of confidence from it.

Provide excellent customer service

If your customer has an interaction with your brand, this will have a huge impact on how you are perceived. You should work to ensure your team is knowledgeable about your products and offers amazing customer service.

The reputation of your brand will receive a boost every time a customer has a positive experience with you. You should also understand that your customers may be looking for direction – this is why it’s so important to help your customers shopping for CBD.

Boost Your Reputation with the Best Wholesale CBD

As we have seen, efficacy is the most important factor for your customers. This means you need the best wholesale CBD you can find to boost your reputation. The more effective your product is, the more likely your customers will be to recommend it to their contacts.

Here at CBD Capital, we are very proud to offer the best wholesale CBD on the market. Be sure to learn more about our wholesale CBD today.

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