CBD Tea: The Potential Benefits And Effects

There are several potential benefits of CBD tea if you like a good brew, or don’t like the taste of CBD oil.

In case you’re not sure what it is, approved CBD – also known as cannabidiol – is extracted from industrial hemp and has no psychotropic effects, since it contains no THC. It is legal in the UK.

In this article, we’ll explain the possible CBD tea benefits you could experience – and we’ll also reveal why CBD tea effects could last longer than those from other CBD products!

cbd tea benefits and effects

Is CBD tea the same as hemp tea?

First of all, it’s worth noting that while both CBD tea and hemp tea contain cannabidiol, they aren’t necessarily the same thing. 

Hemp tea is usually made from the hemp plant itself. It can have other ingredients added – just like other herbal teas, it’s an infusion of the dried plant.

It doesn’t usually have added CBD, instead the cannabidiol content comes from what’s naturally present in the plant.

CBD tea, however, is generally tea with added cannabidiol. It could be traditional English breakfast tea, or another type such as green or herbal tea. 

You can make your own by adding CBD oil, or any form of water-soluble cannabidiol, to your favourite tea. For more information as to what is water soluble CBD, read our blog.

CBD tea benefits (ongoing research)

There are a number of ways to take CBD, so why in a cup of tea? Here are some key potential CBD tea benefits:

1. Makes a tasty treat

One of the most common methods of taking CBD is sublingually under the tongue, but that’s not for everyone. Some people aren’t keen on the taste of the oil, so CBD tea provides a tasty, enjoyable alternative.

2. Could soothe stomachs

A cup of tea has always been a popular remedy for an upset stomach – and CBD tea could be an excellent option. Studies have found lots of evidence to support cannabidiol having antiemetic properties, meaning CBD tea may have the ability to soothe the nausea and vomiting that can come from stomach problems.

3. Might help you sleep soundly

Many of us enjoy a relaxing herbal tea before bed, to sleep better. Why not switch to a soothing CBD tea? 

A study by The Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that daily administration of cannabidiol to rats led to a significant increase in their sleep time. 

While we can’t be certain that the effects are the same for humans, drinking a cup of tea is still a soothing daily ritual. Read our blog for more information on when to take CBD oil for sleeping purposes.

4. Fits easily into your routine

If you want to take cannabidiol regularly, then CBD tea may be a good way to seamlessly incorporate it into your routine. 

Swapping your usual hot drink for a CBD alternative may be easier to remember and get used to, compared to CBD oil, gummies or other products

It also makes using CBD feel less like taking a supplement and more like a treat.

5. Retains possible CBD benefits

Adding CBD to tea should not take away any of its qualities. 

Therefore, as cannabidiol has been claimed to help alleviate anxiety and symptoms from several physical, psychological and neurological conditions according to a 2017 WHO report, these are potential CBD tea benefits too.

CBD tea effects

It’s important to note that any CBD tea effects will take longer to set in than those from using oil. This is because the cannabidiol needs to be processed by the digestive system first. 

However, some research suggests that any benefits may last longer when it is ingested. In other words, CBD tea effects could last longer when compared to other cannabidiol products. 

Read our post for more information about how long CBD stays in your system.

While most people tolerate CBD very well, some users have experienced side effects; these can include dizziness, drowsiness or fatigue.

Only buy from trustworthy providers, check for third-party lab certification and read the ingredients list carefully to make sure the product is of the highest quality only.

How much CBD tea should I drink?

One of the other potential benefits of CBD tea is that dosage is made easy for you. Most teas are portioned so that one cup will deliver all the goodness you need.

However, if you’re a regular cannabidiol user, you might want to know the specifics. Reputable brands should state the CBD content of their products on the packaging, so take a look to see what’s in each tea bag. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to dosage, but if you’re looking for guidance, read our blog on how much CBD you should take.

cbd tea benefits and effects

How to make CBD tea

CBD tea can come in several different forms. If you’re going for CBD tea bags or hemp tea, you can make it just like usual – add boiling water and leave it for a few minutes, stirring if necessary.

Opting for hemp tea, if you don’t usually drink herbal teas, could mean the taste is a little different to what you’re used to. If that’s the case, then try adding honey or sugar to sweeten it.

If you want to make your own CBD tea, simply make a cup of your favourite brew and add the desired quantity of oil or water-soluble cannabidiol. 

A water soluble product will dissolve into the tea, whereas oil tends to sit on top as it doesn’t mix with water.

Some suggest that adding milk, coconut milk or another fatty substance may increase the bioavailability of CBD, meaning your body will absorb it more easily. 

You could also add honey, cinnamon, lemon or something else to give it more flavour.

Summary: potential CBD tea benefits and effects

If you’re a CBD advocate who also enjoys a good cuppa, the possible CBD tea benefits you may appreciate most are the taste, a soothed stomach and a restful night’s sleep.

Other CBD tea benefits might also include helping with anxiety and a wide range of other conditions, however scientific research is still ongoing in lots of different studies.

You may also find that the CBD tea effects last longer than the effects of other products.

If you have any further queries about possible CBD tea benefits and effects, or any other CBD products, please get in touch with us.

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