CBD Cigarettes: The 5 Best On The Market Today

CBD – you might have seen it advertised in high street cosmetic stores as a cream or lotion, or perhaps you’ve heard of CBD oil and CBD tincture.

However, a less frequently advertised method of consuming CBD is through smoking CBD cigarettes.

Smoking CBD offers some of the same potential benefits of other methods of consumption, for example it may help to reduce anxiety.

While there is a possible degree of harm involved with this method of consumption of CBD and it is a less efficient way to absorb CBD into the body, some users find CBD cigarettes not only beneficial for their wellbeing, but also as an alternative to mainstream tobacco products.

CBD cigarette smokers not only find themselves able to move away from regular cigarette smoking, but also enjoy the potential benefits of CBD.

In this article we outline five brands that are producing some of the best CBD cigarettes on the market today.

cbd cigarettes - 5 of the best on the market today

Are CBD cigarettes legal?

We recently wrote about the legality of CBD flowers – which cannot be legally sold in the UK. 

However, CBD cigarettes which adhere to the required limits of THC content may be sold and consumed. It’s vital, though, that you purchase from a reputable brand and do your own due diligence.

A relatively new product, CBD cigarettes are often unregulated and therefore may not meet the stringent requirements necessary to ensure their legality.

Our view is that, should you be looking to consume CBD cigarettes, you should research the products thoroughly and consult a medical professional, particularly if you take any medication. That way, you can be confident that you are enjoying CBD safely and within the law.

The best CBD cigarettes on the market

Of course, defining “the best” of anything is always going to be somewhat subjective. Look, feel and taste preference all come from the user.

There are also a range of types of CBD cigarettes on the market today. Some are blended with tobacco, others with herbs, while some are simply pure CBD.

Our list covers what we consider to be the five best on the market today.

However, as always, we encourage you to carry out your own research into the right product for your circumstance and situation, ensuring that you adhere to legal requirements.

Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes

Wild Hemp’s CBD cigarettes are particularly popular among those looking to find an alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

This is because their look and packaging closely resemble that of a typical cigarette; some users find this helpful in their efforts to stop using tobacco products.

The brand highlights the organic production process of the hemp that contains the CBD in their “hempettes” and their use of a third-party testing organisation to ensure quality control.

Rather than containing any THC, Wild Hemp state that their product is pure CBD – no other herbs or substances are present.

LuckyLeaf Cigarettes

LuckyLeaf Cigarettes are another brand popular with those looking to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Their product is indistinguishable from a regular cigarette in appearance. Each CBD cigarette contains 75 mg CBD.

It’s worth noting that while such a “cigarette” may look just the same as a tobacco cigarette, it will smell entirely different. It is often considered appropriate to smoke CBD cigarettes in a private setting to avoid confusion or offence.

Heimat CBD Cigarettes

Swiss-produced Heimat CBD cigarettes are a popular choice for many.

Unlike the previous two brands, these CBD cigarettes are blended with tobacco, which is grown on the shores of Lake Constance.

The harmful effects of tobacco smoking are well known, not least its addictive properties.

We include it in this list due to the fact it does not contain the additives typically found in mainstream cigarettes, and it may prove desirable to those looking to wean themselves off tobacco-based smoking.

Secret Nature “Melon Frost” CBD Pre-Rolls

Secret Nature’s “Melon Frost” CBD Pre-Rolls do not look like a regular tobacco cigarette. Produced with rolling paper, they more closely resemble a hand-rolled cigarette.

Notably, the “Melon Frost” range does not contain a filter, which some users feel allows for a fuller taste experience.

Like Wild Hemp, Secret Nature use a third party to verify the quality of their product.

They are also known for the quality of their packaging, which is sturdy and hermetically sealed to avoid odour release.

This is an option for those looking for a flavoursome CBD cigarette experience.

Plain Jane Hemp Pre-Rolls

The last product in our list comes from Plain Jane. These have drawn attention because they are produced with rice paper, which generally burns more slowly than typical cigarettes. This allows for a longer-lasting smoking experience.

It’s worth noting that Plain Jane offer both “Full Flavour” and “Regular Hemp” options.

The “Full Flavour” offering has a distinct smell and taste, whereas “Regular Hemp” is a more discreet alternative which some users may prefer.

CBD cigarettes: the 5 best on the market today

The above selection provides a range of brands, all with their own distinguishing features.

As mentioned, personal preference plays a huge part in decisions around which are the best CBD cigarettes.

The assurance of third-party testing is something that you should always look for when purchasing a CBD product.

Do take the time to research the legality of using CBD cigarettes in your region as there will be differences depending on where you are.

If you would like more information about CBD cigarettes or other CBD products, contact us today!

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