CBD: A Snapshot of the Global Landscape

The global CBD landscape is experiencing a dramatic shift, with 11% of the UK population having used a CBD product in the last year.

CBD is enjoying a growing reputation as a medicinal product with a range of uses. Backed by extensive medical research, CBD is proving to assist people in easing the symptoms associated with a variety of conditions including epilepsy, anxiety, and many more.

Now that 2019 is well under way, let’s take a closer look at the global CBD landscape to get a better idea of what we can expect from the year ahead.

More Legislation and Official Support

More and more people now trust in the medicinal potential of CBD.

Last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) offered a large-scale insight into the viability of CBD in a report from its Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, which proved that CBD is neither dangerous or addictive.

The launch of this report coincided with high-profile legalisation cases in 2018; a range of states in the US have legalised medicinal and recreational cannabis, while several European countries have followed suit.

Canada was perhaps the biggest cannabis story of 2018, successfully rolling-out a nationwide legalisation of cannabis. Naturally, people who support wider cannabis legalisation have been thrilled. The business world is also watching keenly, as Canada is cultivating a thriving industry of cannabis-related companies.

Each success story adds more weight to a growing acceptance and respect for the medicinal potential of CBD. This coming year, we can expect to see additional countries lend their support to legalisation initiatives.

Increased Use Among Individuals Suffering from Anxiety

As access to CBD becomes simpler, more individuals are likely to explore what it could do for them.

Anxiety affects millions of people around the world. CBD products are offering these individuals an increasingly accessible and affordable way to reduce their symptoms.

Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders is a critical piece of research that concluded that “evidence from human studies strongly supports the potential for CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders.”

Alongside academic research, there is plenty of qualitative evidence supporting the idea that CBD can assist with anxiety. Countless individuals suffering from anxiety claim that CBD has helped them to control their symptoms and take back their life.

A Growing Trust

The more people incorporating CBD products into their healthcare routine, the faster we can expect their friends or family to do the same. Word-of-mouth is a powerful motivator and no marketing could be better than seeing someone you know benefit from CBD.

The normalisation of CBD will encourage more individuals to investigate whether or not this product could help them live a more comfortable life.

A Greater Range of CBD Products

As the number of people using CBD continues to increase, so will the exciting range of products that are available. There is now a diverse range CBD products available to align with different lifestyles.

CBD oil is the most popular CBD product at the moment. It is simple to take and can offer quick relief. Alongside CBD oil, CBD can also be administered using vape liquid, creams, and a range of other products.

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The Global CBD Landscape

CBD’s rapid rise in popularity is only set to increase as it gains greater public and legislative support. Furthermore, the growing recognition of CBD’s medicinal benefits and the wider range of available products mean that CBD is likely to have an even greater presence in the coming years.

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