Nine Signs That CBD Will Flourish in Q4 2019

The CBD industry has been booming in 2019. Countless consumer-facing food and drink businesses are capitalising on the popularity of cannabidiol by investing in quality CBD products.

Have you invested in a CBD product yet? The sooner the better. You should make sure to capitalise on the explosive growth of CBD to meet your customers’ desires and boost your bottom line.

Here’s a look at the top nine reasons that CBD is going to continue its explosive growth throughout the fourth quarter of 2019 – and far beyond into the new year.

9. Consumer demand continues to grow

All signs show that consumer demand for CBD continues to grow at a breakneck pace. In fact, estimates show that the global CBD market is anticipated to be worth a staggering $20 billion by 2024.

This value is being driven by consumer demand, which in turn is being driven by a host of factors including that:

  • People are becoming more open to the idea of using hemp-derived products
  • Anxiety and stress are big issues across the world
  • Aches and pains are becoming more common than ever before

These factors will continue to drive the growth of CBD over the rest of 2019 and in the coming years. If you want to get a more developed idea of how effectively your CBD product meets the needs of your customers, be sure to learn how to collect customer feedback on your CBD product.

8. Payment processors are embracing CBD

One of the biggest barriers facing players in the CBD industry has always been a lack of financial services support. This was an issue because these payment processing providers often had outdated policies on selling controlled substances.

With the passing of the Farm Bill, hemp and its derivatives were made legal in the US. This means that payment processing providers have been putting the infrastructure and legal framework in place to process the payments related to the sale of CBD products.

Square has done a fantastic job and made itself the first to market. In a blog post published this week, it outlined the details of its CBD early-access program.

While this does not have an impact on sellers operating in the UK, it’s still a positive sign that the global industry is moving in the right direction.

7. More products continue to emerge

Another reason the popularity of CBD has surged in 2019 is the variety of products available on the market. This variety means that consumers have countless ways to unlock the benefits of CBD in a way that fits with their priorities.

As new products continue to emerge and hit the shelves, the profile and legitimacy of all CBD products is elevated. This helps the industry as a whole, and it means that more customers become familiar with CBD and its benefits.

There are a wide range of unique products available on the market. Earlier this year, Carl’s Jr experimented by offering a delicious CBD burger for just one day in Denver. This is just one example of the way that big brands have been experimenting with CBD in 2019.

There are also rumours that Coca-Cola and other food and beverage giants are eyeing the promising CBD industry. While some of those rumours have been proven false, it’s only a matter of time until a big player makes their entry into the maturing CBD market.

When that happens, we can look forward to CBD’s popularity and public perception hitting new heights.

6. The “Farm Bill” has matured for almost a year

On December 20, 2018, Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law. This important law did not make many significant changes to the farm and nutrition policy in the US, but it did deschedule a range of cannabis products from the Controlled Substances Act.

This bill is helping to facilitate the commercial cultivation, processing and marketing of hemp. This has helped farmers and other processors to generate additional revenue, and it also means that it is easier for businesses to access high-quality CBD.

The success of the bill demonstrates the demand for CBD products among customers in the US and beyond.

The legislative acceptance of CBD around the world is also helping to legitimise CBD products in the eyes of consumers.

5. Big players continue to invest

If you want to assess the health of an industry, you should always look at the level of investment that is being made by big players. The CBD industry has consistent growth potential over the next decade and is on the radar of large investors.

In the US, there are a range of companies securing success in the CBD space. Just this week, a new player entered the market: International Flavors & Fragrances. This company provides flavour compounds to the food and beverage industry.

Now, the company has decided to invest in the CBD market and produce a range of CBD products. This company isn’t alone, either: Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle Outfitters have also made steps into the market.

The fact that such large businesses have faith in the power of CBD should give business in the UK a lot of faith in the potential of the CBD market.

4. Medical research continues to uncover the potential of CBD

The buzz around CBD began within the medical community, and researchers and medical professionals are still uncovering the wonderful potential of the cannabinoid in 2019.

Just this week, researchers at Western University announced that they had uncovered the molecular mechanisms that make CBD so effective at counterbalancing the psychoactive effects of THC.

This is a very exciting finding that could have far-reaching implications for the CBD industry as a whole. Research will continue, focusing on discovering methods to improve the effectiveness of CBD-derived therapies. The team are also looking at ways to formulate THC with fewer side effects.

Each of these exciting studies helps to deepen our understanding of CBD and elevate its public profile.

3. The Arthritis Foundation is embracing CBD

Arthritis is a very serious condition and it affects the lives of more than 10 million people in the UK. The condition can lead to restricted movement due to inflammation and it is often incredibly painful.

Thankfully, CBD is emerging as a natural solution so that those 10 million people can tackle their arthritis effectively. This is possible because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help to ease the burden on joints and other areas.

As more people suffering with arthritis uncover the potential of CBD, we can expect the market to experience explosive growth. That came one stop closer this week, too, when the Arthritis Foundation released CBD guidance for adults with arthritis.

These guidelines mean that more arthritis sufferers will see the potential of CBD, and that businesses will benefit from a new group of enthusiastic customers.

2. Celebrity endorsements are growing

Celebrity endorsements can help to push products to new heights, and it’s also a sign that a product is reaching the mainstream.

Many CBD products are receiving celebrity endorsements these days – a sure sign that the CBD’s reputation is improving and that new customers will explore its potential for themselves.

Kim Kardashian recently explained in an interview with People magazine that CBD has helped her get through a lot. The beauty superstar explains that she uses CBD as a natural alternative to prescription medication, and that it’s also very helpful when trying to fall asleep.

These endorsements are more common than ever before and celebrities are trying to capitalise on the promising potential of CBD. Here are just some of the various celebrity-led CBD initiatives:

  • Willie Nelson is launching a range of CBD products
  • Rob Gronkowski – the NFL legend – launched a line of CBD products in partnership with Abacus Health Products
  • Mark Wahlberg plans to release a range of CBD-infused products in the near future

There are countless other instances of celebrities and superstars mentioning how CBD has helped them in their interviews.

1. The holiday season will provide growth

While high street stores are still struggling with slow sales, the upcoming holiday season always produces a boost. Shoppers are often on the lookout for a unique gift, so a CBD-infused product is the perfect candidate.

We are confident that companies with a CBD offering will witness a strong end to 2019 as more eager shoppers are on the lookout for CBD than ever before.

Grow Your Business with CBD Capital

We hope that you have a fantastic final quarter of 2019 and that your CBD products sell well. As you can see, things are looking very promising indeed for the CBD industry.

Here at CBD Capital, we are confident that 2020 is going to bring even more growth and excitement. Our clients are experiencing growth and their products are selling well – our high-quality wholesale CBD certainly plays a role, too.

Are you thinking of creating a CBD product for your customers, but you’re not sure where to get started? We have put together the following resources to help you:

9 Steps to Put Your CBD Product Ahead of the Competition

So, you’ve decided to make the leap and invest in your very own CBD product. But how are you going to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive and ever-evolving industry? You’ve got to develop a strategy.

In this guide, we recommend nine steps that you can take to put yourself ahead of your competitors.

How to Build the Reputation of Your CBD Product

In the nascent CBD industry, reputation really is everything. If you decide to launch a CBD product and try to grow your revenue, you’ve got to consider how you are going to grow its reputation.

In this guide, we take a look at why reputation matters so much and how you can improve it.

How to Help Your Customers Shopping for CBD

CBD is very popular – but your customers are often still uncertain about whether or not to take the leap. If your product is going to succeed, you have to be ready to offer expert advice to your customers.

In this guide, we explore the steps that you can take to help your customers make an informed purchase.

How to Communicate the Benefits of Your Products

There’s a good chance that your customers have a basic understanding of CBD, but your particular product’s benefits may not be immediately clear to them. It’s very important that you can articulate the benefits of your product to differentiate it from the other available options.

In this guide, we suggest ways to ensure that you are effectively communicating the benefits of your CBD product to your customers.

If you are interested in finding out more about CBD and taking your first steps, we’re here to help. We would be very happy to discuss your plans with you and offer you the guidance that you need.

Here at CBD Capital, we offer the best wholesale CBD on the market. Be sure to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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How to Help Your Customers Shopping for CBD

CBD is a rising star in the wellness world. In the UK alone, 300,000 people currently enjoy the benefits of CBD. This number grows each day and new potential customers for your business emerge. Those customers are often confused and curious, though, and you have to help them to win their trust. Here’s how to offer CBD advice and help your customers.

Why Your Customers Need Help

The world of CBD is expanding rapidly. In just a couple of years, the size of the industry has exploded: the Hemp Business Journal predicts that this will continue and the CBD market will increase in value from $390 million in 2018 to approximately $1.3 billion by 2022.

This whirlwind growth in a nascent industry means that many customers are confused and left with many questions. A new survey from Mashable suggests that in the US, 61% of people do not know what CBD is, while 13% tried CBD without knowing the effects.

Many customers are intrigued by the prospect and potential of CBD… but they need a helping hand before they’re totally on board.

How You Stand to Benefit

The helping hand that welcomes a new customer into the world of CBD could be yours.

If you provide useful and accurate advice to your customers, they will feel comfortable purchasing from you. The general lack of knowledge around CBD is a challenge for your business, but it’s also a gigantic opportunity. You just have to rise to the occasion.

Here’s how you stand to benefit from offering quality advice and helping your customers:

Loyal customers

First and foremost, you stand to forge strong and lasting relationships with your customers. If you become a trusted source of information, your customers will keep coming back to you. You could become a reference in for them and as you continue to release new products, they will be there waiting.

As a rule of thumb, 80% of a business’ future profits will come from 20% of its existing customers. Cultivate a loyal and engaged customer base and you’ll be on the way to success.

A stronger brand

The race for CBD dominance is on. There are now lots of businesses out there offering a wide range of products, but victory will be earned by those businesses that can establish a strong brand.

As your reputation as a trusted and transparent retailer grows, you can expect for word to spread and for your brand to become stronger. Engaging with your customers is a sure-fire way of growing your brand and conquering the competition.

Increased profits

At the end of the day, every initiative should be performed with the intention of boosting your bottom line. Offering outstanding customer support and guidance is no different. Speaking frankly, the right guidance will encourage your customers to purchase from you.

As your revenues grow, your business will be able to invest in product development and increase the amount and quality of guidance that you can offer.

SEO dominance

The guidance can also be used to help your business’ content marketing initiatives. If you regularly publish advice and information, you will produce a steady flow of content that helps you to grow your reputation.

You should share your expertise using every possible channel. Think about how you can leverage social media to share your messaging, or how you can produce infographics to strengthen your content offering.

More sophisticated feedback

We are in the early days of the CBD industry and customer feedback is the secret to success. If you are able to adjust your offering according to the needs and opinions of your customers, you can skip by the competition and achieve success.

By providing information and engaging in conversation with your potential customers, you are able to better understand their questions and doubts. This means that you are able to feed those concerns back into your guidance, further strengthening your offering.

How To Help Your CBD Customers

We now understand why your customers need guidance when it comes to CBD and why you should offer it. Now, it’s time to look at how you can help your customers shopping for CBD.

Describe your products fully

There are thousands of products out there. Each one varies according to strength, form, manufacturer and countless other factors. It’s little wonder that so many customers are so confused. This confusion also means that they are unlikely to make a purchase.

You should make sure that your product descriptions are full of detail and answer every question that your customer could possible have about it. This includes details like measurements, ingredients, the manufacturing process and more.

To make sure that you are offering superb product descriptions, you should ask for customer feedback. There are a variety of ways that you can acquire this feedback (be sure to read our post on how to collect customer feedback and how to use it).

Once you have the feedback, you could even consider A/B testing your product descriptions to find out which one produces a higher conversion rate. In these early days of the CBD industry, every detail counts.

Provide clear directions

According to research from the Brightfield Group, your customers value efficacy above all else. The average person is excited about the potential benefits of CBD and they want to unlock those benefits.

Because this is the case, they are often particularly concerned about how to use CBD products. With so many potential forms out there, your customers struggle to know exactly how to get the most from their CBD. This is why you should work hard to provide them with clear directions.

Think about inventive ways to share those directions. Could you create demonstration videos? Infographics? Blog posts? Will your product be accompanied by clear instructions?

If you manage to help your customers feel calm and confident using your CBD product, you will be able to secure their loyalty and custom going forwards.

Be transparent with dosages

Many potential CBD customers are confused by dosages. It’s a highly subjective area of CBD and each individual differs in terms of how much they require and which administration method is the best for them.

If you can work hard to get the appropriate feedback on your CBD products, you will be in a good position to offer accurate and insightful guidance. This type of insight can help your customers to feel confident buying and trying your product.

It is important that you are transparent, too. In this early stage of the CBD industry, nobody has all of the answers. Only untrustworthy and poor companies will offer their product as a panacea and reject subjectivity. Your customers will be sure to appreciate your candour and openness.

Offer free advice

The appetite for CBD is ravenous. Many people want to know more about CBD products and how they can be used to treat a range of ailments and lead to a happier and healthier life.

As an insider in the area, your customers will look to you for guidance and support. You should give it freely. Be generous with your information and you can rest assured that your customers will flock towards you and listen to what you have to say.

Being open and generous with your information will give you a competitive advantage. It’s a powerful marketing technique and it also helps your customers to have faith in your business, bolstering the strength of your brand.

Use simple language

The world of CBD is filled with complex and specific language. While it’s important that your customers are informed and empowered to learn, you don’t want to confuse them with specific language.

When you communicate important information with your customers, be sure to use clear language that they will understand. You may find that some customers are uneasy when it comes to products that affect their health: do your best to ease their concerns.

Again, feedback is incredibly useful here. It can help you to get a better idea of how your messaging is received by your customers and how you can improve it.

Be forthcoming with pricing

In any nascent industry there will often be confusion around pricing. It can take a long time for prices to stabilise and this can turn away your potential customers if they are not informed about the reasons behind your pricing.

This is why you should invest a lot of time into your messaging and branding. If you are able to articulate the value of your CBD products and why they are superior to those of your competitors, you can justify your prices.

Don’t be afraid to speak clearly with your customers. They will appreciate the candour and your attempts to make sure that they understand why your products have a particular price.

Provide excellent customer service

Perhaps the most effective way you can help your customers shopping for CBD is to offer truly unparalleled customer service: if you understand the worries and concerns of your customers, you will be able to directly address them and help your customers to feel comfortable.

For a CBD company to succeed, it is critical that they understand the pillars of great customer service. If a potential customer is trusting a company with their health, they will want to work with a company that they can trust. Here’s a look at customer service fundamentals that you should champion throughout your company.

  1. Be friendly

Your customers are probably confused about CBD and have a lot of questions. Your entire team should be friendly and compassionate to make your customers feel comfortable. Patience will go a long way too.

  1. Know your product inside and out

It’s absolutely critical that your team is able to answer questions about your products. Your customers trust you to sell them a quality product and if you cannot answer questions about it, alarm bells will start ringing.

  1. Invest in training

You should invest in training for those members of your team who will be in contact with your potential customers. This can help you to make sure that your messaging is accurate and that your team has what it takes resolve customer concerns.

  1. Listen to your customers

Your potential customers will often be passionate and interesting people who have a particular reason for wanting to explore the power of CBD. You should be sure to listen to their needs and respond directly to them. This can help you to make the best possible recommendations and satisfy your customers.

  1. Respond quickly and accurately

If you have an online store, you’ve got to make sure that you respond quickly and accurately to any messages. You should understand that your customers are probably looking to multiple sources for information, so you want to get there quickly with an accurate response that begins to build a relationship.

Offer the best products possible

As a seller of CBD products, you have a responsibility to offer the very best to your customers. CBD is emerging as a powerful treatment method for a range of ailments, so your customers will be relying on you to provide them with an authentic product.

The best thing that you can do to help your customer is to give them quality at every turn. It’s a win-win situation: you get to cultivate a group of loyal customers who get the product they need and you also help to perpetuate a positive reputation for CBD.

The more popular CBD becomes, the more people will be likely to discover its benefits for themselves.

Boost Your Product with the Best Wholesale CBD

When it comes to the various factors of CBD, efficacy is the most important factor for your customers. This means you need the best wholesale CBD you can find. Here at CBD Capital, we are very proud to offer the best wholesale CBD on the market. Be sure to learn more about our wholesale CBD today.

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What Do Retail Stores Want From Your CBD Product?

Changes to cannabis legislation around the world are the driving force behind the popularity of CBD, leading to attitudes that are becoming more open and accepting.

In the US, this shift in legislation means that many drugstore chains are now stocking popular CBD products. Rite Aid recently joined CVS and Walgreens in offering those products, for example. In New York, a groundbreaking new law means that job applicants can no longer be tested for marijuana.

These changes are coming to the UK, too, where a third of consumers would buy CBD-infused food and drink and CBD product sales have surged by 99%.

How can your business prepare for this shift? As retailers become more open to the possibility of stocking these products, what are they looking for you to offer?

  1. Efficacy

At the end of the day, customers purchase items to fulfil a distinct need that they have. Drugstore chains and stores need to deliver on this dynamic constantly to win the loyalty of their customers and keep them coming back. This is why those stores will be looking to stock the most effective products possible. 

Stores will be looking for those products that have a good reputation among users and despite the often subjective nature of CBD efficacy, those stores will want to know that it is effective.

There are a range of methods that you can use to ensure the efficacy of your product, but this all begins with using the highest-quality CBD that is available to you.

  1. Proven Results

To get buy-in from retailers, you will need to offer proof that your product works and that your customers enjoy it. This can be achieved through testing and customer surveys, and you will have to demonstrate the methods behind this testing.

There are a range of methods that you can use to get quality customer feedback, and a selection of metrics that retailers will find interesting. If you are looking at where to get started, these 20 effective methods from OptiMonk are great.

It will also be essential to offer detailed sales figures and statistics here. A strong sales pitch it essential and you should know how to communicate the benefits of your products.

  1. Form

To begin, Rite Aid is offering its customers a selection of CBD creams, lotions and lip balms in stores across Oregon and Washington. This initial selection and limited rollout suggests that the chain is looking to start slow and gauge the reception of these products among its customers.

These topical products are perceived as less invasive by customers and when compared to oil and isolate, they are more likely to be used by casual customers. Perhaps you could consider offering a range of forms in order to address this demand among casual users and secure your place in the market.

  1. Price

Retail businesses run on tight margins and they need to strike delicate balances between the amount they pay for products versus the amount that they sell them for. This means that your pricing will have to be both accurate and attractive to ensure that both parties benefit from the transaction.

Accurately pricing your products can be a challenge, given that the landscape is shifting so quickly and there is such a wide range of products on the market. There are a range of poor-quality products that are offered at low prices – you must be able to articulate and prove the value of your product to get ahead of those competitors.

  1. Quality

Retailers like Walgreens and CVS are looking for nothing but the very best quality. Quality is distinct to efficacy and it encompasses the whole experience – the branding, the packaging and everything else that leaves an impression on their customers.

Quality products reflect positively on their own brand and those stores want CBD to be a success – the hemp-CBD market could hit $22 billion by 2022 in the US alone. You should ensure that your product is attractive and distinct from the legion of low-quality products on the market.

  1. A Strong Reputation

Those retailers looking to break into this area of the wellness niche will want to work exclusively with those brands that have a strong reputation and do not represent a reputational risk. Mainstream retailers will most probably want to avoid working with those CBD brands that invoke the more controversial aspects of cannabis culture.

CBD brands should do their best to focus on efficacy and wellness, distancing themselves from links to the psychoactive nature of alternative cannabis products.

  1. Clear Customer Guidance

The world of CBD is new and exciting, with research ongoing in a range of areas. Many customers are excited about this new world, but they are often lost when it comes to knowing how to get started.

Retailers will want you to offer detailed and accurate guidance to customers in terms of dosages and how to get the most from your product. These directions should, of course, be developed using proven methods that get the best results for the greatest number of people. Where appropriate, you should also offer background and additional knowledge around your product.

  1. Transparency

It is important that your product is forthcoming in the claims that it makes and the information about how the product was sourced and created. Retailers know that these two areas are very important for customers with a passion for wellness, so it is important that you deliver on them.

You should avoid unrealistic and bombastic statements and also provide truthful information about where your products were sourced and how they were manufactured. This level of transparency means that retailers will be able to stock your product with good conscience and without the fear of conducting false advertising.

Keeping your customers happy

A great way to keep retailers happy is to focus on keeping your customers happy. If you can identify and meet their various needs, your product will naturally become very attractive to retailers. Be sure to check out our post on what customers want from CBD.

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Brands and CBD: How to Communicate the Benefits of Your Products

As research continues to uncover the marvelous potential of CBD, the public appetite for these products is growing at a breakneck pace and entering the mainstream.

In fact, many analysts believe that CBD could become one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK.

This is also the case over in the US. CVS Health Corp (a leading retail pharmacy and healthcare company) just announced that CBD-infused products will hit the shelves in more than 800 of its stores across the nation.

Here in the UK, consumers can now expect to find CBD products on shelves, in coffee shops and even in their food in London’s finest restaurants.

As the consumer understanding of CBD continues to develop through exposure, it is important that brands treat those consumers fairly. Here is a closer look at how CBD brands should communicate the benefits of their products in a way that is informative, realistic and responsible.

Education first

CBD is in a unique position because most people have a preconceived idea of cannabis that has been formed over many years. Whether those opinions are right or wrong, few other medicinal products have such a hold within the mind of the average person.

This can mean that CBD products are regarded with suspicion by many people, but given the attention there is a genuinely exciting opportunity for the CBD industry to educate consumers and clearly share the potential of the cannabinoid.

This is why CBD brands should never lose sight of the fact that they bear a serious responsibility to educate their consumers. By sharing relevant and balanced information, those brands can encourage the average person to discover a range of products that could really help with a range of ailments and improve their quality of life.

A recent study discovered that almost half of people who use cannabidiol products stop taking traditional medicines – the potential to improve the lives of customers is real.

The realistic communication of benefits

As a part of this responsibility towards their customers, CBD brands should also avoid bombastic claims about efficacy or benefits. These wild claims can serve to undermine the very real and proven benefits of CBD that researchers have worked so hard to uncover so far.

A measured approach to communicating with consumers will continue to engage the average consumer and encourage them to try CBD for themselves. Studies so far suggest that the benefits vary from one person to the next, so it is important that CBD brands do not refer to CBD as a panacea. Doing so could undermine faith in CBD when some customers find that this is not the case.

An explanation of dosages and administration methods

It is critical that brands selling CBD products are clear about the strength of their products and the recommended dosages. This can help customers to get the best experience possible from the products that they purchase and also help to eliminate poor-quality products from the market.

There are many products that use low-quality CBD products and this is not good for the consumer and the reputation of the industry. This is why at CBD Capital we provide wholesale CBD products that are of a pharmaceutical-grade standard.

Manufacturers of CBD products should also go to great lengths to educate their customers about how to use their products. This can help to keep customers informed, happy and enjoying an effective product.

A calm and considered approach

Above all else, it is important that CBD brands demonstrate a calm and considered approach to communication with their potential customers. This will ensure that all the claims made by the company are realistic, and that the expectations of the customer are reasonable.

This is the way forwards to a thriving CBD industry that works for manufacturers and customers alike.

Are you interested in learning more about the global CBD landscape? Read more in our industry snapshot to see how things could evolve in 2019 and beyond.

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CBD: A Snapshot of the Global Landscape

The global CBD landscape is experiencing a dramatic shift, with 11% of the UK population having used a CBD product in the last year.

CBD is enjoying a growing reputation as a medicinal product with a range of uses. Backed by extensive medical research, CBD is proving to assist people in easing the symptoms associated with a variety of conditions including epilepsy, anxiety, and many more.

Now that 2019 is well under way, let’s take a closer look at the global CBD landscape to get a better idea of what we can expect from the year ahead.

More Legislation and Official Support

More and more people now trust in the medicinal potential of CBD.

Last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) offered a large-scale insight into the viability of CBD in a report from its Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, which proved that CBD is neither dangerous or addictive.

The launch of this report coincided with high-profile legalisation cases in 2018; a range of states in the US have legalised medicinal and recreational cannabis, while several European countries have followed suit.

Canada was perhaps the biggest cannabis story of 2018, successfully rolling-out a nationwide legalisation of cannabis. Naturally, people who support wider cannabis legalisation have been thrilled. The business world is also watching keenly, as Canada is cultivating a thriving industry of cannabis-related companies.

Each success story adds more weight to a growing acceptance and respect for the medicinal potential of CBD. This coming year, we can expect to see additional countries lend their support to legalisation initiatives.

Increased Use Among Individuals Suffering from Anxiety

As access to CBD becomes simpler, more individuals are likely to explore what it could do for them.

Anxiety affects millions of people around the world. CBD products are offering these individuals an increasingly accessible and affordable way to reduce their symptoms.

Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders is a critical piece of research that concluded that “evidence from human studies strongly supports the potential for CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders.”

Alongside academic research, there is plenty of qualitative evidence supporting the idea that CBD can assist with anxiety. Countless individuals suffering from anxiety claim that CBD has helped them to control their symptoms and take back their life.

A Growing Trust

The more people incorporating CBD products into their healthcare routine, the faster we can expect their friends or family to do the same. Word-of-mouth is a powerful motivator and no marketing could be better than seeing someone you know benefit from CBD.

The normalisation of CBD will encourage more individuals to investigate whether or not this product could help them live a more comfortable life.

A Greater Range of CBD Products

As the number of people using CBD continues to increase, so will the exciting range of products that are available. There is now a diverse range CBD products available to align with different lifestyles.

CBD oil is the most popular CBD product at the moment. It is simple to take and can offer quick relief. Alongside CBD oil, CBD can also be administered using vape liquid, creams, and a range of other products.

Would you like to learn more about CBD Oil? Be sure to check out our deep dive into how to use CBD oil.

The Global CBD Landscape

CBD’s rapid rise in popularity is only set to increase as it gains greater public and legislative support. Furthermore, the growing recognition of CBD’s medicinal benefits and the wider range of available products mean that CBD is likely to have an even greater presence in the coming years.

For the latest information and regular updates on the CBD industry, check out our blog.

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