Brands and CBD: How to Communicate the Benefits of Your Products

As research continues to uncover the marvelous potential of CBD, the public appetite for these products is growing at a breakneck pace and entering the mainstream.

In fact, many analysts believe that CBD could become one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK.

This is also the case over in the US. CVS Health Corp (a leading retail pharmacy and healthcare company) just announced that CBD-infused products will hit the shelves in more than 800 of its stores across the nation.

Here in the UK, consumers can now expect to find CBD products on shelves, in coffee shops and even in their food in London’s finest restaurants.

As the consumer understanding of CBD continues to develop through exposure, it is important that brands treat those consumers fairly. Here is a closer look at how CBD brands should communicate the benefits of their products in a way that is informative, realistic and responsible.

Education first

CBD is in a unique position because most people have a preconceived idea of cannabis that has been formed over many years. Whether those opinions are right or wrong, few other medicinal products have such a hold within the mind of the average person.

This can mean that CBD products are regarded with suspicion by many people, but given the attention there is a genuinely exciting opportunity for the CBD industry to educate consumers and clearly share the potential of the cannabinoid.

This is why CBD brands should never lose sight of the fact that they bear a serious responsibility to educate their consumers. By sharing relevant and balanced information, those brands can encourage the average person to discover a range of products that could really help with a range of ailments and improve their quality of life.

A recent study discovered that almost half of people who use cannabidiol products stop taking traditional medicines – the potential to improve the lives of customers is real.

The realistic communication of benefits

As a part of this responsibility towards their customers, CBD brands should also avoid bombastic claims about efficacy or benefits. These wild claims can serve to undermine the very real and proven benefits of CBD that researchers have worked so hard to uncover so far.

A measured approach to communicating with consumers will continue to engage the average consumer and encourage them to try CBD for themselves. Studies so far suggest that the benefits vary from one person to the next, so it is important that CBD brands do not refer to CBD as a panacea. Doing so could undermine faith in CBD when some customers find that this is not the case.

An explanation of dosages and administration methods

It is critical that brands selling CBD products are clear about the strength of their products and the recommended dosages. This can help customers to get the best experience possible from the products that they purchase and also help to eliminate poor-quality products from the market.

There are many products that use low-quality CBD products and this is not good for the consumer and the reputation of the industry. This is why at CBD Capital we provide wholesale CBD products that are of a pharmaceutical-grade standard.

Manufacturers of CBD products should also go to great lengths to educate their customers about how to use their products. This can help to keep customers informed, happy and enjoying an effective product.

A calm and considered approach

Above all else, it is important that CBD brands demonstrate a calm and considered approach to communication with their potential customers. This will ensure that all the claims made by the company are realistic, and that the expectations of the customer are reasonable.

This is the way forwards to a thriving CBD industry that works for manufacturers and customers alike.

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